The Light on Faith

Welcome to my tumblr, I've shared my experiences working towards to this life of lies (dunya).. please don't expect too much religious post from me because I live in this world like I live here forever.. but I have to admit at the same time things are different when we talk about hereafter, moreover about the "Jannah".

It's easy to put them into words but is not easy to strive for it.

"Impossible are nothing when we start walking"

Just some progress

No darkness like ignorance.


29. July 2014

At least I tried ☺

My full family photo 2014 #aidilfitri #mubarrak
Pictures which have love story to tell.. 

Al-fatihah dear Nur Rasyidah’atul Zunnurain.. Thanks again for dropping by in my dreamed :)

Protesters in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, July 13th 2014

Deserved more than that
Yup true that.. but I’ve no choice and I need to rest.. It’s sleeping time #afternoon #exams (Rabbi Yassir)
#gangbawahtangga 😂💪👍 #pb4310 #programpembudayaankeudahawananberjaya
Thanks to #momanddad for the superb dinner 👍 (at Fish & Co, Citis Square)
Just #wow happened right now look up the sky